ongoing project

about us

ongoing project is a imaginary collective, which is publishing a variety of performances, installations, happenings and other unregistered productions. Calculation, accounting, public relations, facilities, distribution etc. are done together, that means in the context of the products which emerge out of the artistic production based on the division of labour. Self-agitation and formulating a bases for communication are for us a binding component of the collective work. Our work contributes to clarify the concept of art in order to support the formation of theory and strategy, which are both demanded by a revolutionary practice. In this context works concerning the avant-garde and the theory of class, state, and performance are arising. In doing so, we will also take into account both the methodological problems of such theories as well as their reflections in strategies of revolutionary groups. ongoing project is not a profit company!

ongoing project was founded at the institute for Applied Theatre Studies (Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft) 2009 in Gießen. Under this name there are currently working together Chris Herzog, Lisa Schwalb, Alma Wellner Bou, Jasmin Jerat, Alexander Bauer, Triada Kovalenko und Ferdinand Klüsener.

ongoing project has worked in the following contexts: Ashkal Alwan - Beirut, Atelie Plastelin / Ателие Пластелин - Sofia, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm – Frankfurt am Main, Lofft - Leipzig, Mansion Blatt - Beirut, Radio FSK - Hamburg, Stadttheater Gießen, united intimacy theatre - Riga, WerkStadt Kulturverein - Berlin, Zeitraumexit- Mannheim ...